10 Dog-Inspired Leadership Lessons to Improve Productivity, Profits, and Communication
Mary Kelly, PhD

We hear the word leadership a lot around the office. But, do we understand what it means to be a leader – regardless of our job title or our place on the ladder? Leadership isn’t just a plan for the supervisors and CEOs.  Leadership is a set of principles that affects every employee, every team member, and every consumer. Leadership is what differentiates the ordinary from the amazing.

Would you like to know if your employees are searching on LinkedIn for their next job? Or, if your boss has your back at the board meeting? Dr. Mary Kelly has some surprising insight into these questions as she guides you through a session that is a true investment in yourself and your career.

  • Understand how leadership creates a productive and constructive team
  • Learn how loyalty and relationships affect your bottom line
  • Realize what most employees say they are not getting from their supervisors and leaders causes them to leave
  • Create a culture of dynamic communication

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To better understand an overview of this course:

1.   PREFACE             2.   INTRODUCTION


A – Reward Good Behavior
Lesson 1  –  Why Training People Is Like Training Your Dog
Lesson 2  –  Show You’re Paying Attention
Lesson 3  –  Money Isn’t Everything
Lesson 4  –  Employee Rewards Programs
Lesson 5  –  Don’t Make Change Complicated
Lesson 6  –  It’s the Thought That Counts
Lesson 7  –  Use Rewards to Foster Loyalty
Lesson 8  –  Show Appreciation, Decrease Uncertainty

B – Don’t Reward Bad Behavior
Lesson 9   – Don’t Hesitate to Correct Bad Behavior
Lesson 10 – How Bad Behavior Gets Reinforced
Lesson 11 – Correcting Is Not Criticizing
Lesson 12 – “The Same” Isn’t Always Fair
Lesson 13 – Flying with a Jerk
Lesson 14 – Six Steps to Change Bad Behavior

Lesson C – Be Consistent
Lesson 15 – Consequences from a Puppy’s Perspective
Lesson 16 – There Is No “Sometimes” in a Dog’s Life
Lesson 17 – Why Consistency Must Prevail

Lesson D – Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
Lesson 18 – Communicate the Way Others Learn
Lesson 19 – How Communication Is Changing
Lesson 20 – Hone Your Listening Skills
Lesson 21 – Watch that Tail!
Lesson 22 – If You’re an Employee, Lead Your Boss

Lesson E – Place the Right People in the Right Jobs
Lesson 23 – What Characteristics Make You a Leader?
Lesson 24 – Find the Right Person for the Right Job
Lesson 25 – Play to Their Strengths
Lesson 26 – Reassuring Messages and Pats on the Head


Lesson F – Provide the Right Tools
Lesson 27 – The Right Direction
Lesson 28 – Start with These Three Tools
Lesson 29 – Even the Little Things Help
Lesson 30 – Keep the Dogs Out of the Trash
Lesson 31 – Set Them Up for Success

Lesson G – Do the Right Thing with the Right Spirit
Lesson 32 – Work Like a Dog with the Right Spirit
Lesson 33 – Respect a Variety of Perspectives

Lesson H – Do the Right Thing at the Right Time
Lesson 34 – Intentional Acts of Kindness
Lesson 35 – When It’s Not Easy
Lesson 36 – The Four P’s
Lesson 37 – Give Rewards to Encourage the Right Thing at the Right Time

Lesson J – Serve with a Cheerful Heart
Lesson 38 – Wake Up and Fake It
Lesson 39 – How a Dog Models the Right Spirit
Lesson 40 – The Law of the Garbage Truck
Lesson 41 – The Importance of Community

Lesson K – Don’t Jerk the Leash
Lesson 42 – Walking Your Dog Takes Practice
Lesson 43 – An Inconvenience or a Problem?
Lesson 44 – Make Time for the Important Things
Lesson 45 – Blessings Abound

Lesson L – Conclusion: Walk the Talk
Lesson 46 – Walking the Talk