Strategic and Tactical Leadership Through a Crisis to Grow Your Business
Mary C. Kelly, Ph.D. 

Do you know the 6 stages of responses during a crisis?  When facing a crisis, most people remain in stages 1-4 of the 6 stages.  This is normal and instinctive as people move to protect what is closest to them.  There is a silver lining. Every crisis is a catalyst for innovation, creativity, invention, and advancement.  Leaders find opportunities in stages 5 and 6.

In this engaging and entertaining program, Mary uses lessons from the Gulf Wars and 9-11 to get us through the painful aspects of our challenges, embrace change, and turn disruption into evolution.

  • How can we move our mindset into stages 5 and 6?
  • How do we brainstorm to find the opportunities?
  • How do we provide the right leadership that allows our people to thrive during adversity?
  • How do we encourage creative problem-solving to increase profitability?


  1. Define your PURPOSE with an unshakeable plan
  2. INSPIRE your team to innovate, invent, and influence in your market
  3. Rate your situational and employee VOLATILITY factors
  4. Identify OPPORTUNITIES in ever-changing environments
  5. Embrace new TOOLS, TECHNOLOGY, and TRAINING to ensure success

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